Defeat enemies and collect loot in the match-3 RPG Djorick’s Curse

A new match-3 RPG has landed on Android called Djorick’s Curse from Keener Apps. As you may be expecting, this is a full match-3 RPG title where matching three or more of the same symbol allows you to attack, heal, repair or collect gold when you are taking on various enemies.

Attacks can come in the form of arcane spells and other abilities which you will need to use in order to successfully push back the monster hordes that are starting to appear now that the Curse of Djorick has been unleashed onto the lands.

Djorick’s Curse Features:

– 9 unique monsters–with more to come!
– 21 unique spells–with more to come!
– Collect coins and upgrade your weapons and armor whenever you want–the shop is always open!
– tons of unique weapons and armor–equip rare and epic gear to aid you on your quest!
– 3 modes of difficulty each with progressive challenges!
– Constant save system: quite the game and return at any time!
– Unique skill choices within each class–you choose how you want to play!
– Great replay value.
– Free future updates: new classes, monsters, spells and more!

Once you beat the game you can increase the difficulty to provide yourself more of a challenge the next time you play the game through. This is also an ever growing match-3 RPG since the developer plans to release updates that will bring with it new classes to play and monsters to defeat.

Fans of match-3 RPG titles may want to check this one out if you are looking for a new one to play. Djorick’s Curse is available for purchase off of Google Play for $1.99.

Google Play Link: Djorick’s Curse

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