Defend and preserve the last forest from corruption in Abeytu, now available from Google Play

Released by David Bouchard-Gagnon & Walid Boudina, Abeytu is a new casual clicker game for Android. Set in at the entrance of the last forest to remain untouched by the pollution that has overrun everything else in the world, players will be assuming the eponymous role of Abeytu, a guardian wolf, of sorts.

Abeytu finds the last branch to a magical tree, which in turn gives him the power to restore animals from the corruption that enables humanity to control them. These corrupted animals are being used as a form of shock troops, in humanity’s attempt to invade and pollute this final vestige of pristine nature, with only Abeytu keeping watch at its entrance. Players will be tapping on the corrupted animals as they try to overwhelm Abeytu and force their way in.

Abeytu contains seven distinct classes of enemies, four different bosses, and these are contained in the 80 levels the game has to offer. As these enemies attempt to rush in, players will be tapping on them to do damage. As the game progresses, other power-ups become available. For example, players will eventually be able to unlock the ability to swipe upwards to execute a broad attack with a large area of effect. Along the way, they can be upgraded to include the chance to freeze other enemies, though these powers have a cool down/recharge period after use.

All told, three upgradeable powers get added to the arsenal that Abeytu has at his disposal. The completion of levels is graded using the standard three-star system. Abeytu is available from Google Play for a flat $1.49. You can check out the game’s trailer below to see it in action ahead of buying a copy.



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