Defend criminals and make yourself rich with Devil’s Attorney

A couple of week ago we talked about a new Phoenix Wright inspired game that would be heading our way soon called Devil’s Attorney. Developed by Senri, this game takes the whole ‘lets battle it out in court’ saying to a whole new level. You won’t be screaming OBJECTION while pointing your finger at everyone but you will be kicking some ass while in session.

In Devil’s Attorney you will be playing as McMann, an attorney who can get any criminal out of trouble with the law while in court, or at least he will soon be able to do that. You’ll start off small and slowly work your way up in skill, getting mafia bosses off the hook with nothing more than a smile and a coke. You will do whatever it takes to win, even if it is on the more not-so-legal side of things.

Devil’s Attorney Features:

• 58 challenging cases to complete
• 1 implausible storyline
• 3 neighborhoods to explore
• 9 devious prosecutors to outwit
• 3 difficulty settings

While in court though, the game turns into a turn-based strategy title as you will be able to spend McMann’s action points on interrogation, analysis or something more underhanded before letting the prosecution do the same. It can turn into an all out brawl at some points. If you win, you earn money which you can turn around and spend on enhancing your apartment. This, in turn, raises your abilities making you more effective in court for future cases.

While it may not be a Phoenix Wright game, Devil’s Attorney is a good solid lawyer type of game. If you are interested in checking this one out, you can do so by hitting up the link below and downloading it off of the Google Play store for $3.00. Also definitely check out the trailer/intro above, it’s like a cheesy commercial.

Google Play Link: Devil’s Attorney

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