Defend your world of Fantasy against an invasion of Sci-Fi in Dungeons & Aliens, now available from Google Play

Gamers tend to appreciate a wide variety of genres that don’t always intersect, such as Fantasy and SciFi. Kool2Play has recently released a game that incorporates both. Dubbed Dungeons & Aliens, this is a hybrid Tower Defense game where players are looking to protect their peaceful and fantastical homeland from alien aggressors.

To this end, three mages are willing to hold the line against said invaders, and are colored Red, Blue, and Purple respectively. Players will be using simple gestures to control the attacks that these mages will be lobbing over to the aliens. For example, swiping your finger over a given alien repeatedly causes a mage to continuously fire his basic attack at the hostile target. Other examples include dragging various roadblocks into place to slow down the pace of the invaders, or dragging single lines that trigger more powerful attacks. The game begins with a single mage, but others can be added as gameplay progresses. Beyond that, players can also upgrade their spells and attacks.

Dungeons & Aliens Features:

• Fresh mechanics: Swipe&slash meets tower defense
• Hand-drawn, old-school storybook graphics
• Upgradable spells for spectacular destruction
• A comedic mashup of sci-fi and fantasy clichés
• 60 challenging levels to beat and to master

Dungeons & Aliens contains sixty levels total, with each one awarding up to three stars based on the player’s performance, totaling 180 available to be earned. Dungeons and Aliens is available from Google Play for free. The game contains both advertisements, as well as optional IAPs. To see more of the gameplay in action, check out the trailer below.

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