Darkest Dungeon Meets Slay the Spire in Deliverance and Reign

Deliverance and Reign official artwork.

If you want to make a successful mobile game, you can do a lot worse than starting with two of its most successful games and mashing them together. That’s exactly what Deliverance and Reign aims to achieve.

Take a glance at it, and the art-style is purely Darkest Dungeon. It’s all comic book grimdark, and we’re here for it. In terms of gameplay though, it borrows more from Slay the Spire than its visual inspiration.

You have to create a deck of cards that you can use in battle against enemies that come your way, Slay the Spire-style. There are an absolute ton of cards, so expect plenty of build options.


The game itself is actually split up into two modes as well, which is where it gets its name. Deliverance is actually very Darkest Dungeon, with you playing as a hero who has to assault the evil Alaric’s castle.

You pick from one of a number of different classes, which determines your starting cards. You then assault the castle, padding out your deck along the way.

This assault involves advancing along the halls of a dungeon all the way to the throne, where you face Alaric himself. You better hope you have a solid build put together by the time you encounter Alaric, or you’re toast.


Then there’s Reign, which turns Deliverance mode on its head. This sees you play as Alaric, and you have to defend your castle from the heroes that invade it.

You recruit a variety of minions, and distribute them across your three floors. You then manage the battle as the heroes invade, throwing spells and ordering your minions about with wild abandon.

You can check out Deliverance and Reign right now on Google Play if you’re interested. Also, check out Sword of Convallaria, which is looking awesome.

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