Demian Saga Pre-Registration Arrives After Mysterious Unlisted Trailer

feature image for our demian saga pre-registration news article, the image features promo art of two characters from the game as a butterfly flies around the character on the left

The Demian Saga pre-registration is here! The game itself is made by HAEGIN, a Korean development team with plenty of sporty entries under its belt. It does seem a little random that it’s suddenly working on an anime-style gacha RPG, especially when you look at their previous games. 

Demian Saga Pre-Registration Rewards

The game is currently in its pre-registration period. We’re not sure when the release date is, or if it’s a global release just yet. Additionally, the pre-registration rewards system isn’t overly clear to non-Korean players. It’s difficult to know how the Demian Saga pre-registration rewards can be claimed once the game is actually playable. All we know so far is that there’s something up for grabs at least!

The pre-registration rewards are:

  • 3K Gems
  • 1 Treasure Map Set
  • 1 Epic Equipment Selection Ticket
  • 5 Currency Bags (2 hours worth)

Character Information

The game’s official Facebook page is also sharing promotional art and information about certain characters such as Jaden, Lulu, and Serena Claro. Each post continues with small snippets of the character’s unique skills, allowing players to find out more about the upcoming game. 

At the moment, it’s hard to decipher more information about the game via the official Korean website. We’ll keep an eye on all of the latest updates revolving around the Demian Saga pre-registration, and any news about an official release!

The Demian Saga Trailer

Another talking point for this game is the fact that HAEGIN has an unlisted English trailer on its YouTube page. Many people are now speculating that this confirms a global release for the game at some point – exciting! 

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, give it a watch down below!

While the trailer doesn’t exactly reveal much more information about Demian Saga, except for some additional footage of character animations. It also shows that the characters appear in their chibi form during gameplay!

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