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Demon’s Rise 2 is Five Dollars Off for a Limited Time

Demon’s Rise 2 is a brilliant RPG created by Wave Light Games. If you are looking for a turn-based, detailed, tactical RPG, then look no further.

Demon’s Rise 2 – Like Demon’s Rise 1 but With More Demons

Demon’s Rise 2 is not the traditional tale of a hero clearing the land of evil. Instead, you play as the champion of dark gods. Commanding barbarians, demons and all things unholy in your pursuit of dominance.

This is not the first time I have covered the sale of Demon’s Rise 2, but that’s only because I regard it as one of the best RPGs on Mobile. Gameplay requires a tactical use of terrain, formations and magic in order to outwit your opponent.

If you would like a cheap copy of Demon’s Rise 2, then grab one from the Google Play Store.

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