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Demon’s Rise 2 is Now on Sale

Wave Light Games have just put Demon’s Rise 2 on sale. The original price of Demon’s Rise was $5.99, and it’s now available for the low price of $0.99.

Demon’s Rise 2 – An RPG for true fans of RPG’s

You play as the champion of the dark gods, meaning for once, you are no brave knight or hero. You command legions of barbarians, beast-men and demons. Use necromancy and hellfire to lay waste to the civilized realms, honouring your gods in the process.

Demon’s Rise is a turn-based RPG set during wartime in a fantasy world. The campaign will see you fight against huge monsters, powerful sorcerers and hordes of enemies.

If Demon’s Rise 2 sounds like an RPG that you can’t miss, then why not grab a bargain from the Google Play store?

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