DeNA releases their creature crafting game Monster Builder onto Android

DeNA has released their newest title onto Android which is called Monster Builder. Just like the name suggests, players will be given their own ‘base’ of sorts, where they are able to create their own creatures. These creatures each have their own elemental alignment, and some of the stronger main creatures also have their own unique abilities and passive ability.

Creatures are divided up into two types, support and main ones, at least that’s what I call them. The support ones are pretty much your fodder, or meat shield creatures. Then there are your main creatures which are generally a higher tier of star value and they have abilities you can use. Monster Builder has a variety of stages that players can work their way through, following the storyline of the game.

The creature crafting part of Monster Builder requires different types of DNA that you can get when you completely levels or win PvP matches against other players. Each creature has their own DNA code, and if you don’t know a particular creature’s code, you can always guess what it is or discover it. The latter requires a player to actually fight that particular creature in a level. Once you’ve done that, you will have automatically scanned its DNA code and can then craft it if you have enough DNA.

Monster Builder Features:

– Mix DNA to create new monsters: battle and collect monster DNA. Mix them up and find the recipes for a myriad of unique monsters.
– Cast hero skills: discover the DNA sequences of hero units. Hero units have awesome unique abilities awaiting your command
– Help your friends: join your friends’ research for faster development and share the rewards.
– Compete with other users: Jump into the Arena and dominate!
– Endless possibilities: Over 100 DNA combinations for more than 1,000 exciting monsters!

Since there is so many monsters you can craft, and then level up and evolve, there’s almost an entire game worth of content right there. Once you add all the stages and everything else, there’s a lot a single player can do on their own, not including the PvP aspect. Stages are a sort of push-style combat, where the stronger team of monsters will push towards the weaker player’s/NPC’s portal until it is destroyed. Players can also upgrade support monster spawners, their engines for spawning, and other tools you’ll need to use.

For those of you into the crafting style of games, Monster Builder is now available off of Google Play to check out. You can download this game for free and it does include optional IAPs as well. You can check out the game’s trailer below.

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