Deozoa: Legends of Eden monster catching combat game now up on Kickstarter

A new game for Android has arrived up on Kickstarter looking for funding called Deozoa: Legends of Eden. This particular game, should it come to life, is a monster catching combat game which should make a lot of you Pokemon fans rather happy. It is a blend of RPG and turn-based strategy combat all wrapped up into one title.

One of the nice features about Deozoa is that it will be a premium game, as in no in-game purchases, no monthly fees or anything of that nature. You pay for the game once and you have access to everything. It seems kind of weird having to say this is a feature these days doesn’t it? The game is slated for development for iOS and Android phones and tablets with PC/Linux and OUYA versions coming down the pipeline after the initial mobile release.

There will be over 100 monsters for you to capture, collect and befriend to have at your side to fight with you. Just like any good monster capturing game, each creature can also evolve into more advanced and more powerful forms. Interestingly enough, this isn’t totally a solo game either as you can bring on up to 10 other characters to join your team. Your monsters won’t be the only ones taking part in battles, you and your team will as well so there is an additional six classes your character(s) can be. Combine that with elemental based attacks (12 elements in all) and you have a pretty in-depth monster capturing combat game.

So far from the preview images, the visuals look fairly straightforward and that more of the focus will be on the game mechanics. Right now about half of the game seems to be developed including around 50 of the monsters. The team behind the game is looking for $78,000 in backing and after a few hours already have a little over $1,300 with 35 days to go. If you have been wanting a solid Pokemon-esque game to play, you might want to consider tossing a couple of bucks at them.

If you want to learn more about the game, hit up the link below to check out their Kickstarter campaign or head on over to the official Deozoa website.

Source: Kickstarter

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