Descenders Mobile on Android outsells iOS release

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No More Robots’ recent release of Descenders Mobile is proving popular on Android. Giving you the ability to perform sick tricks wherever you go, this is a brilliant game now available on pretty much every platform. 

However, with the mobile market so dependant on free-to-play games like Tower of Fantasy, is this premium release selling? As it turns out, it is, and it’s selling more on a certain platform. 

 Descenders Mobile Android vs iOS 

In an interview with TouchArcade, No More Robots CEO Mike Rose explained that Descenders Mobile is doing well. The recent Android and iOS port is seeing some positive feedback, and that appears to be translating into sales. 

In the interview, Rose explained that the Android version of the game suffers from more issues overall. Compared to the iOS version, us DroidGamers have to deal with a lot more issues. 

“On iOS there’s been pretty much zero issues, so sales have trundled along and the ratings are good,” Rose explained. “On Android it’s been a different story. With how many different Android devices there are, it’s ended up being the case that a bunch of devices have issues. So we’re having to do a bunch of work to suss that all out.”

However, the No More Robots CEO explained that Android is currently the best performing version of the game. Despite issues, more players are picking up the game on the Google Play Store. 

“Regardless, the Android version has been selling decently, even better than the iOS version!” Rose explained. “We’re still pretty happy with it.”

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Will there be more No More Robots ports? 

Mike Rose explained that the success of Descenders Mobile will result in more No More Robots games coming to Android. The CEO stated that porting studio Noodlecake will be involved in future ports. 

“They handled pretty much everything, so we only had to jump in at the end and start hooking up our community with the game’s launch,” he said. “Definitely hoping to work with them on future NMR titles for mobile.”

Personally, we’re hoping that No More Robots’ Let’s Build A Zoo comes to mobile. That would just be amazing. 

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