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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Controller Support Confirmed in Latest Dev Note Video

feature image for our devil may cry peak of combat controller support news, the image features promo art of dante as he holds his sword over his shoulder, as well as a screenshot of combat as dante drives his sword into the enemy while insidewhat looks to be a cathedral or church

Devil May Cry fans and those who love mobile games with controller support are in for a treat! The upcoming title, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, will be compatible with PlayStation and Xbox controllers from launch.

For more information about Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, visit the game’s official website, where you can also pre-register.

Controller Support Demo

Hack ‘n’ slash your way through hordes of demons as you play on your preferred Android device with a controller. PS4, PS5, and Xbox controllers are confirmed to work with Android phones and tablets, allowing you to easily dive into combat. 

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat controller support will also bring a sense of familiarity to fans of the popular franchise. While tapping furiously on your screen isn’t a terrible thing, being able to utilise the buttons on a controller is a much more enjoyable experience for a game like Devil May Cry.

With such a combat-heavy title that ranks your fighting score with a grade, it’s no surprise that controller support will be implemented from launch day. This will more than likely bring more players to the table, who may have initially been put off by the touchscreen controls.

What About Third-Party Controllers?

Now, in terms of third-party controllers, we can’t promise that they’ll work. The description in the video on the game’s official YouTube channels details that the DualShock, DualSense, and Xbox controllers are the most suitable for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat. 

Still, this isn’t to say that third-party ones won’t work. If you have one, you might as well try it out! This is largely because the developers have tested the game on these exact controllers to ensure their compatibility with in-game mechanics and menus.

If you’re looking for new games to play after pre-registering for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, take a look at our Best Android Fighting Game guide!

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