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Devolver Digital’s Arty Platformer GRIS is Available to Pre-Register on Google Play

Indie favorite GRIS, a gorgeous arty puzzle-platformer developed by Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital, has just popped up for pre-registration on Google Play.

Already available for consoles and PC, as well as iOS, GRIS will presumably be available to play on Android soon, though no formal announcement has been made. 

GRIS Has a Gorgeous but Familiar Aesthetic

The game, which has a stunning aesthetic and an ethereal, indie gamey sort of atmosphere, sees you controlling GRIS after she wakes up in the giant hand of a crumbling statue. GRIS then goes on to discover and collect a series of floating lights and restore color to a magically desaturated world. You know the drill. 

GRIS has almost no text, simple controls, and no moments of jeopardy. In other words. The aim isn’t to win but to help a lost girl regain her sense of self. 

You can pre-register here.

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