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Diablo Immortal Is in Closed Beta Right Now in Australia

Diablo Immortal Android

Diablo Immortal is being playing right now by a select group of closed beta testers in Australia, following a well-received technical alpha in December.

The current alpha introduces a new class, called Crusader, as well as a level cap increase from 45 to 55. Players will continue the campaign through two different zones: Mount Zavain, the home of the monks, and the Frozen Tundra, home of the scattered barbarian tribes.

There’s also a new dungeon to explore, called Cavern of Echoes, where players will find a giant frozen terror guarding a relic.

Also introduced in the latest alpha is a new “social endgame system” called Cycle of Strife, allowing players to fight as either the Immortals or the Shadows.

For more details on how the Cycle of Strife works, along with a bunch of other stuff, check out the video above.

Diablo Immortal will be out later this year.

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