Dino Squad is a Mech-Style PvP Shooter but with Dinosaurs, Pre-Order Now

Pixonic and MY.GAMES have announced Dino Squad, a mech-style shooter starring dinosaurs instead of walking tanks. 

Inspired by the ‘80s cartoon series Dino Riders, Dino Squad will see players facing off in 6v6 matches involving heavily armed, angry dinosaurs. There will be 17 dinosaurs to choose from, all with their own unique mechanics, weapons, perks, and so on. 

Dino Squad Follows War Robots

They’ll come in three weight categories with their own pros and cons – just like real dinosaurs. They’ll fight on six unique maps – again, exactly like dinosaurs did in caveman times.

Pixonic is responsible for War Robots, a huge mobile online shooter launched in 2014 which has racked up more than 150 million global installs.

Dino Squad is open for pre-orders today. 

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