Disgaea RPG Announces End Of Service And Advertises Banners On The Same Day

Feature image for our Disgaea RPG news piece. It is promotional art that shows numerous Disagaea characters from different games in the series.

The gaming community is set to bid goodbye to Disgaea RPG. The free-to-play gacha incarnation of the popular series reaches its demise on May 12th, a little over two years after its arrival on the scene in 2021.

The announcement came via the game’s official Facebook page, which curiously, then posted about a new banner update only an hour after announcing the shutdown. Who wants to keep on the gacha grind for a game doomed to end in a few weeks’ time?

Premium Currency Is Still One Sale Until The 19th

Registration and in-game purchases of premium currency will close next week on the 19th of April. The Nether Quartz you already own is available to use to the shutdown, for what it’s worth, though there’s no word on any kind of refund available.

Don’t confuse the stricken gacha game Disgaea RPG with the similarly named Disgaea 1 Complete, a port of the original PlayStation 2 tactical RPG. This comes at a fairly hefty $32.99 price tag, though won’t ask for you to part with any more cash for content.

Different people handle the mobile versions of the previous games, so those hopefully won’t go anywhere for the foreseeable future. If the headline gave you a momentary heart attack after your $30 investment, we can only apologize.

A Devilishly Fun Series That You Can Still Play

For those uninitiated in the world of Disgaea, take this as a brief rundown. Disgaea refers to both series and the first game in the franchise of tactical RPGs about the demons of the Netherworld, their brutal political machinations, and the wild happenings in its universe’s cosmology.

The games don’t tend to take themselves too seriously, and you can generally expect a cute-looking game with dark humor and some pretty fearsome challenges within the main series.

If you’re a player of Disgaea RPG and you’re pining for the world and tone, it’s worth giving the mainline Disgaea a go if you haven’t already.

If, on the other hand, you want to find a new gacha home, perhaps check out our news on Persona: The Phantom X, which looks surprisingly good so far.

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