[Updated] Disney puts a bunch of their games on sale for… free?

Disney has put a rather large amount of their paid games on sale for free. In fact it can’t even really be called a sale since it is more like a giveaway. Right now the AppSales application is reporting that five Disney games, which is pretty much the majority of their gaming titles, have gone down in price from $0.99 to free.

Update April 9th, 2013 12:29pm PST: It appears that Disney may have made a boo boo and put those games up for free by mistake or as a really really quick promo. All the games are back to their $0.99 price tag so if you managed to download the games while they were free, good score!

The last time we checked, developers could not lower the price of their game below $0.99 or had the ability to make them free for a limited time before bringing the price back up unless they make a separate version that is free from the start, then take it down once the sale is over. Upon doing a little further digging, the $0.99 versions of all five games are no longer available on Google Play, only the free full versions are.

Current free Disney games are:

Where’s my Perry?

Where’s my Water?

Puffle Launch

Wreck-it Ralph

Temple Run: Brave

If you have been wanting to pick up any of these games, now is a good time to do so since these games won’t cost you a cent right now to download. The only thing we are not sure of is whether or not this is a permanent change or for a limited time only. So if you want any of these games, just click on their name in the list above and enjoy downloading free games.

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