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Android Port In Development For Disney Speedstorm

Feature image for our Disney Speedstorm Android news. It shows an in-game screen of a player racing as Donald Duck and deploying his special attack,

A Disney Speedstorm Android release is on its way. The gacha racing game was released into Early Access for PC and consoles in April, with its sights on a full release in the Fall. Now, we’ve got wind that mobile platforms will get a piece of the pie.

There’s no Android or Google Play icon on the official site, but on the Gameloft SE account, you can find a Google Play listing for none other than Disney Speedstorm, along with a glimpse of a pretty-looking touch-screen UI.

We Have A Listing

We’ve even heard tell of a soft launch in a few locations, though we’ve not found any hard proof about where and when these are running, and Gameloft appears fairly quiet on the matter.

So what have we been missing? Well, Disney Speedstorm is a multiplayer racer with some gacha elements.

You take to the road as one of the numerous different beloved characters from Disney’s wide array of franchises. Characters have different stats, and different special moves they can deploy on their enemies.

This isn’t a straight race. You can pick up items and deploy they on unsuspecting opponents to reverse their controls or send them veering across the road. The aggression doesn’t end there, either. The game features a surprisingly brutal ramming mechanic that encourages you to slam into anyone in your way.

Unexpectedly Brutal

These races take place over a wide variety of Disney-themed tracks. Some of these come with their own hazards.

There’s the chance of hitting the water or getting swatted by sea monsters in the Pirates Of The Caribbean track, or you could get hit by a rubber hose-style train on the track that harks back to Disney’s vintage shorts.

All in all, the game looks cutesy, but it’s not completely for the faint-hearted. We’ll soon see how well touchscreen controls serve the gameplay once Disney Speedstorm Android arrives.

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