Disney Speedstorm Gets a Release Date and Pre-Registration on Android

Disney Speedstorm characters standing underneath the official logo.

Disney Speedstorm is zipping its way onto an Android phone near you, and sooner than you think. While Gameloft is yet to announce it officially, the App Store listing dates an expected release date of November 28.

The Google Play page is also live, and you can pre-register there right now to grab the game as soon as it drops. Do so and Gameloft will gift a wealth of content to everyone who grabs it at launch, including:

  • 15K YouTube Subs:
    • 10 Universal Box Credits
    • 5 Season Box Credits
  • 30K Twitter Followers: 75,000 Season Coins
  • 350K Pre-Registrations:
    • #SpeedStar Motto
    • Mickey Mouse avatar
  • 500K Pre-Registrations:
    • Mickey Mouse kart vanity items
    • Donald Duck kart vanity items
    • Goofy kart vanity items
  • 1 Million Pre-Registrations:
    • Mickey Mouse Centennial Platinum racing suit
    • Donald Duck Centennial Platinum racing suit
    • Goofy Centennial Platinum racing suit

What’s Disney Speedstorm?

For those unaware, Disney Speedstorm is a racing game by Gameloft, creators of the Asphalt series. It plays very similarly to that, with a boosting mechanic playing a large part in winning races.

It also borrows a lot from Mario Kart though, with a wide variety of items helping you to gain the advantage. You can pop a shield, chuck a rocket, or confuse your opponent by swapping right and left buttons.

There are a wide variety of characters to unlock from throughout the Disney universe, including Mickey Mouse, Mulan, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Hercules.

How do the Characters Differ?

Each character has its own racing stats, favouring speed, acceleration, or combat. Each character has a different class, including Trickster, Brawler, Defender, and Speedster. They’re all good at different aspects of the game.

All characters have a unique set of items they can use within a race, which completely alters their playstyle. You also have a special move that can give you the upper hand in races, turning the tide.

You can learn more about Disney Speedstorm on the official site.

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