Disparity Games unleashes the epic action running game Run Fatty Run

Alright maybe we were being a little sarcastic with the title but regardless of that fact Disparity Games have released an interesting little gem of a game called Run Fatty Run. While we are sure there will be at least one person offended by the title, the game itself is actually quite good and rather humorous.

As you may be guessing, Run Fatty Run is a running game in which you controls your character who is now a victim of a health care system that has gone a little mad. The government has implementing extreme measures to end the obesity crisis in their city and your character is one of the targets for this new health care system. However you character, named Bert, is quite happy how he is and is battling it out for survival against this new health care plan.

Run Fatty Run Features:

• 36 action packed courses
• NEXT GEN 3D graphics with advanced shaders and FX
• A smorgasbord of food temptations with ACCURATE CALORIE COUNTS
• Multiple game endings
• Unlockable comic backstory

The new health care plan is simple, run for your life to avoid the tiger which will make you lose weight. Of course if you don’t run fast you end up becoming food for the tiger. You will be jumping, running, rolling and smashing your way through hazards and avoiding obstacles such as tough old ladies, benches and even the most devious of obstacles to overcome, food.

If you are ready to take on a messed up health care system and are up to fight the man, you can grab a copy of Run Fatty Run off of the Google Play store for $0.99. Check out the video below to see the game in action.

Developer Website: Disparity Games

Google Play Link: Run Fatty Run

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