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Distinctive Developments LTD are the developers of a really cool pool game called Anytime Pool. This is a cross-platform social pool game where you can play against anyone who’s online whether on the iPhone, Android or PC as well as Facebook. If you don’t feel like going head-to-head with someone though there is also single player mode where you can go against 14 other characters.

It’s a really beautiful looking game with some great graphics whether you’re playing online or single player mode. Here’s the official description from the Android market:

Ultimate Pool game for your phone. Massive single player mode and Facebook connectivity plus challenges and two-player game modes.
US 8 ball, US 9 ball and UK 8 ball rules. 5 Locations. 14 AI opponents. 20 challenges.

So there is plenty of replay value when it comes to this game and it’s available on the market for $3.99 but we are here not to just talk about Anytime Pool but also their other pool game called Pool Ninja which was just released for the iPhone (literally) and is slated to be released for us Android users shortly.

Pool Ninja is a great looking game where you have to clear the table as fast as you can. The difficultly lies in that not every ball on the table needs to be sunk and in fact can’t be. The entire game is based around making trick shots as quick as you can to get your table cleared and also comes with a global scoreboard so you can see how your time rank with other peoples times.

From the demo reel (below) the graphics look great and the game play looks smooth and fun. I’m looking forward to getting this when it’s released although there has been no firm date set as of yet, same goes for the price but I can see it being around $1.99. I used to play Pool a lot and up until this month I really haven’t seen any truly good Pool games on the market that I would want, so this is a nice change.

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Developer Website: Distinctive Developments LTD

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