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Ambitious Shooter The Division: Resurgence Gets A New Trailer As Regional Beta Set To Start

Feature image for our The Division: Resurgence regional beta news. It shows a shot from a CGI trailer for the game with a heavily armored raider figure carrying a heavy flamethrower.

The Division: Resurgence regional beta kicks off today, with selected regions able to pick up and take the new mobile looter shooter for a test drive. Just ahead of its arrival came a flashy CGI trailer revealing the release time, we’re looking at Fall 2023.

If you’re a gamer based in Australia, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, or Sweden, and you’ve pre-registered for the game you may get the chance to try the gameplay out for yourself across two beta stages.

Avoid attachment to anything you get in the test period though, both phases wipe completely afterwards.

An MMO In A Chaotic New York

The Divisions Resurgence is an MMO shooter that attempts to bring the fun of Tom Clancy’s The Division onto mobile platforms.

The series takes place in an alternate timeline where a viral outbreak caused global chaos. When you put it like that, it probably doesn’t sound that alternate, but in this case, it caused the collapse of the US government.

The country lies in chaos and you take the role of one of the Strategic Homeland Division, a force committed to trying to restore some order in the chaos and protecting civilians.

It Has A Lot Going On

The whole thing takes place in an open-world city that’s persistent with other players. There are options for PVE, PVP and co-op play.

It’s a shooter, so of course there are guns. There are also gadgets, something that the characters in the trailer seem to make use of, with drones and weird little wheely sphere bombs playing a large role in how the fight plays out.

While it looks like a shooter, The Division: Resurgence also sells itself as an RPG, with character customization and crafting forming part of the path to greater firepower.

It’s a really ambitious affair, and we can’t wait to see how The Division: Resurgence regional beta sticks the landing. We’ll see if this is a title to really get stuck into, or too much promised early on.

If this sounds like something that might interest you but you’re not yet in the beta regions, you can pre-register now via Google Play and keep an eye out for new updates.

Oh the other hand if you’re looking for something to play in the meantime, check out our news on the Undawn release this week.

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