Dj Rivals arrives on Android from Booyah Inc. Dj battling meets location-based RPG gaming.

In what is probably the strangest yet one of the more entertaining mash-ups of gaming genres out for… well any platform, DJ Rivals brings the world of DJ battles to Android and shoves it in a world of location-based RPG. Wrap some interesting cartoon-like graphics around this melting pot of gaming genres and it gets pretty interesting.

The goal is to rid your actual city of the Bland Corp by battling it out with DJ around your city. You city, however, is actually the city you live in! As you progress through the game you’ll be able to purchase/learn new moves in order to defeat your opponent DJs with.


  • Battle at real places in your neighborhood
  • 4 Chapters with hilarious cinematics
  • Dozens of quests
  • 9 bosses with unique abilities to counter
  • 50 Moves to master
  • 50 Collectibles to find
  • 9 Hit songs
  • Highly replayable with hours of content!



Regardless if you are a DJ or not, this game is pretty enjoyable. There is something about going around your own city battling DJs that just seems fun. Between the quests, mastering new moves, collecting the collectibles, there is plenty to do in-game to keep you busy. Best part about it all is that its location-based but localized to the city you live in and single player (although I’m sure if you end up traveling outside of your city you can still battle DJs), so unlike other location-based games, you don’t have to rely on going everywhere or if their is enough players in your area.

It would be cool if this had a multiplayer function but as it stands right now it doesn’t. You can pick up DJ Rivals off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: Booyah

Market Link: DJ Rivals

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