Doctor Rocket coming May 7th to fill your physics-based blood soaked gaming needs

Developers RippleWare are gearing up to release a new physics-based game called Doctor Rocket. Featuring 100% physics-based gameplay, you will also be treated to a health dose of bloody splattering fun every time you happen to kill Doctor Rocket.

Doctor Rocket is a vertical flying game where each level is a twisted maze filled with deadly traps and obstacles to stop you dead in your tracks. You will be flying fast, collecting coins/fuel and power-ups until you have the unfortunate pleasure of dieing in some grizzly fashion. This could be thanks to spikes on the walls or perhaps two rotating pieces crushing you to death.

This game also features some Sonic-esque gameplay where you will be blazing through winding tunnels at a very fast speed. This is, of course, while trying to collect coins and not die. Controls can be either tilt via the accelerometer or touch where you just move your finger back and forth to control Doctor Rocket.

No word just yet on how much Doctor Rocket will cost when it is released May 7th, 2012. However, it does look fun and if you like games such as Sonic, you’ll probably enjoy this. You can check out the game in action in the trailer above.

Developer Website: RippleWare

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