DogWars yanked off the Android Market after complaints. Luckily we still have plenty of others to choose from.

Alright, we will start off by saying this: We absolutely do not support violence towards REAL animals in any fashion. We are complete against animal cruelty as most sane human beings are. The Humane Society, Micheal Vick and Alicia Silverstone are among the people who complained to have Dog Wars taken off the Android Market.

The concept of the game was to train your dog to be the best fighting dog in the game. Sort of like Pokemon but with dogs. In fact there are plenty of games out that display some sort of violence towards fake animals such as Angry Birds. There’s nothing peaceful about flinging birds into walls. However, because of the dogs being pictured in a semi-realistic fashion (they were pictures of dogs), this warrants complaints of promoting animal abuse.

I suppose it is okay that a game like Death Worm, which has you controlling a giant worm hell bent on eating animals and humans alike, perfectly fine on the Android Market. Such is the world though and because of complaints, Google has taken the game down from the Android Market.

Website Referenced: AllThingsD

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