Don’t Starve may be making its way to Android in the future

The developer of the rather lonesome atmospheric game Don’t Starve has turned his sights onto mobile gaming. The developer Klei has started to consider bringing the hit indie game to new platforms, all of which happen to be mobile ones including Android.

Speaking to Edge Magazine, Klei mentions that they have been considering bringing Don’t Starve to not only the PS Vita but to mobile devices as well.

We’re investigating a proper Vita version (of Don’t Starve) at the moment, but we’re not quite sure yet. Currently, a lot of people play Don’t Starve: Console Edition using the PS4’s remote play, and really enjoy it. So we’re looking into a proper Vita release. As for iOS and mobile, that is something we’ve also been investigating and we think might work, but it’s not at the front of our development priorities right now. It’s still on our radar, though. – Corey Rollins from Klei

As suggested in the above quote, a mobile version of Don’t Starve is something that has been considered but as of right now isn’t a priority. This is because Klei is working on the upcoming Autumn season DLC called Reign of Giants. After that is finished though we could very well be reporting on Don’t Starve arriving to Android soon.

Website Referenced: Shacknews

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