Doom & Destiny Advanced has its big Story Update #2 now available for download

For those of playing in the early access for Doom & Destiny Advanced, the Story Update #2 is now available for download off of Google Play. This update adds a whole new zone on the world map called the Sands of Time Desert. With a new zone comes plenty of other related features as well.

Since this is an extension of the current storyline, players will also have access to a new level cap of 40. This also means that you’ll be facing new enemies within the new level range as well. Thankfully you’ll have a whole new tier of weapons available at your disposal, that being the 6th tier. You can also respec your characters to change up their builds now, which is always handy.

Full changelog:

– Escape from the Ethereal Plane. The heroes will finally come back to the world of the living.
– Story chapter “The Sacrifice”. You will face a very difficult choice in order to continue your adventure.
– Meet the Team. The heroes will meet HeartBit Interactive’s dev team.
– Explore a new section of the world: the Sands of Time Desert.
– Explore Benjamin’s house and save him from the Fantasy Mafia.
– Enter in the mistic temple of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and discover its secrets.
– Help Esmeralda and Viola MacGuffin, cooperate together to eliminate the evil Solomon Steel.
– Inventory tier 6 fully unlocked.
– Respec your characters’ abilities!
– Level cap raised to level 40.

If you have Doom & Destiny Advanced installed on your Android device and haven’t updated it yet, you can do so at anytime now that the update has been out for a few days.

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