Door Kickers: Action Squad has Breached the Google Play Store

Door Kickers: Action Squad – the acclaimed sequel to KillHouse Games’s popular tactical shooter – is out now on mobile. It’s fully live on the App Store, and available to pre-register on Google Play, which means it can’t be far away.

In contrast with the original Door Kickers, Action Squad is a side-scrolling shooter with a greater emphasis on action – though there is an in-game “Strategic Abilities System”. 

Lock and Load

You can pick from six characters, all with their own upgrade paths and combat styles. There are 84 levels, an endless tower mode, 60 weapons and gear items, more than 20 enemy types, and four distinct mission objectives. Plus, zombies. 

That’s what it says on the Google Play description, but the trailer will tell you all you need to know about Door Kickers: Action Squad. It’s a stylish, thumpy shooter with oodles of pixel-art detail and an action movie aesthetic. 

Head to Google Play to pre-register right now. 

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