Crack the Code, Win a Rebel: The Dot Hero Adventure x Persona 5 Royal Challenge!

The feature image for the news on Dot Hero Adventure and Persona 5 Royal collab is the event banner. It has two characters in the center with titles of the game against a crimson and mysterious backdrop.

Dot Hero Adventure and Persona 5 Royal Collab Hits the Scene on April 29th! The Metaverse is merging with the Emon Continent later this month, bringing fan-favorite characters Joker and Violet to the fray. This exciting event is more than just a cameo. Joker and Violet will be playable heroes, ready to lend their power to your fight against the forces of darkness.

The official collaboration website is your one-stop shop for all things Persona 5 Royal in Dot Hero Adventure. Here, you’ll find a particular lottery where you can snag awesome prizes like the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max and official Persona 5 Royal merch.

Here’s how to enter the lottery: Follow the official Dot Hero Adventure Twitter account (@Dot_Yuusha). Then, reshare the collaboration announcement post. And boom! You’re set!

Persona Power in Emon!

But the show’s real star is the chance to add Joker and Violet to your team and conquer the Emon continent. If you’d like to get Violet, have a look at this-

Follow the official Dot Hero Adventure Twitter account (@Dot_Yuusha) during the collaboration period. Look out for the “First Day of Commemoration” post and reshare it. This will score you your first secret code. There will be four codes to collect in total. Once you have all four, unscramble them to form a special English phrase. Redeem that phrase in-game to add Violet to your roster!

There’s even more to cheer about! If the collaboration post reaches 10,000 RP (retweet points), an extra reward code will be revealed on the unique collaboration website. You can use this code in-game to score luxurious rewards!

If you haven’t had the chance to play Dot Hero Adventure yet, It’s available on Google Play!

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