DOTA Underlords Gets the Massive Outlanders Update, Featuring the Fast-paced Knockout Game Mode

DOTA Underlords has just received a massive update that introduces the much faster-paced game mode Knockout to the Auto Chess-like strategy game.

Knockout gives you a crew of heroes automatically but only gives you four lives rather than the usual health bar. Four strikes and you’re out.

DOTA Underlords Also Gets a New Character and Alliance

There’s also a brand new character, Snapfire, which features the Ol’ Scatterblast weapon and Mortimer Kisses Dragon Ability.

Spirit is a brand new alliance that allows three spirits to enter a charged state when they’re together, allowing them to perform the Delta Slam technique.

The alliance also introduces four new characters, including the Void Spirit, Storm Spirit, Earth Spirit, and Ember Spirit. Only the Void Spirit is available right now though.

So head on over to Google Play right now to check out the latest update for DOTA Underlords.

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