DotEmu to re-release the classic golf game Neo Turf Masters this Summer onto mobile devices

To be released by DotEmu, Neo Turf Masters is a classic golf game originally released on Neo Geo systems back in 1996. In this game, players will assume the role of a competitive golfer, out of the six available within the game. Each of these characters hail from a different nation that include: US, UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, and Brazil.

Each of the golfers has a different skill set, such as excelling at putting, or having the ability to have the power of the character’s stroke exceed 100%. The breakdown of swinging was streamlined in this game, when compared to many other golfing games. As an example, clubs were selected by moving the joystick up and down, and how much hook or slice a given stroke would have, with each of those correlating to a button, so players could achieve the exact amount desired.

On the other hand, while executing a stroke was simplified, the game is also known for tricky courses and a high level of unpredictability from the wind. With this being a re-release of of a twenty year old game, it will have legitimately retro look, feel, and sound. If the other games from DotEmu are indicators, gameplay will likely have virtual buttons that can be dragged around the screen, as well as resized, and may include support for controllers as well.

DotEmu also tends to charge a flat price and in the single digits, so this will more than likely be no different. Neo Turf Masters is set to release on June 30th onto mobile devices. You can check out some of the gameplay for the original version with the video above.

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