Downhill Masters is a challenging bike racer out now on Android

Downhill Masters is a challenging new bike racing game in which you assist one of three different riders to develop a successful racing career.

These riders include Chef Devito, Fashion Designer Marie, and Accountant Steve – each of which specialises in one of three different areas.

Devito is a powerful racer that can hold his own in a brawl, Marie is more interested in flair than winning, and Steve is all about going as fast as humanly possible.

As soon as you’ve picked the rider that appeals to you the most, you’ll take on a variety of different racing challenges on your mission to become the best.

There are a variety of different modes to race in including Challenge Mode, which pits you and up to three other champions across 50 different stages, and World Grand Prix. These are 1 vs 1 affairs against 28 other champions.

The actual riding requires a fair amount of skill. You’ll pedal to build up speed, drift to round corners, and boost to speed ahead of your opponents. If you get involved in a tussle, you can nudge other riders off the track too.

After a race or two, you should have a good idea of the type of racer you want to play. Devito is great at knocking others off the track, Steve can overtake all opponents, and Marie loves to show off. Pick the one that suits you best.

Racing is just one aspect of Downhill Masters though, as you’ll also manage your chosen rider’s life. You’ll help them perform their jobs, develop training regimes to keep them fit, and participate in minigames.

The latter of these activities including riding practice, to help improve your skill, as well as recreational activities at home. Steve, for example, likes playing with drones and remote control vehicles.

There’s a heck of a lot of content in Downhill Masters and you can check it all out right now on Android via Google Play.

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