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Downwell is Back on the Google Play Store

Downwell Android

For those of you who didn’t know, Downwell and a bunch of other mobile games on the Play Store was de-listed because of Google updating their terms and conditions. Information collected by games on the Play Store could only be used in a certain way, so many games were removed and told to change how they collect our data.

Downwell – A Classic Roguelike by Devolver Digital

One problem that has occurred as part of Downwell’s return is that old purchases are not recognised automatically. If you purchased a copy of the old Downwell, email [email protected] and try to include proof of purchase.

Downwell is the story of a young boy jumping down a well on the hunt for some treasure. Gameplay is roguelike, so no two jumps down the well will be the same.

Another word of warning is the old version of Downwell had external controller support, but this new version does not. It’s not clear if Devolver will include all the old features of Downwell, but if you want to grab a copy, you can do so from the Google Play store.

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