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Dragalia Lost, Nintendo’s hit gacha RPG, is getting cheaper summons this week

Dragalia Lost Android

In an unprecedented and welcome move in the world of gacha RPGs, Nintendo has announced that Dragalia Lost is getting cheaper summons this week. Fancy that.

A regular summon will drop to 120 Wyrmite or Diamantium, while summoning 10 at once will drop to 1,200, down from 1,500. That’s pretty generous.

Dragalia Lost is Nintendo’s take on the gacha RPG

If you haven’t heard of this yet, it’s Nintendo’s take on the gacha RPG. Rather than watch it play itself though, which you can totally do if you want to, you’ll tap your way through hordes of monsters in a variety of beautiful environments.

As ever, there are tons of heroes to collect (sadly Link and Mario aren’t any of them) that you can build a team out of as you progress through eight different story chapters.

If you like the sound of this, you can grab Dragalia Lost right now on Google Play. Now’s the best time to get involved, given the cheaper summons.

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