Dragon Fire For Android

From the developers of some great games such as Shoppers Paradise and Archipelago comes Dragon Fire. Second Gear Games has ported over their iPhone game Dragon Fire to Android. This game is a mix of traffic control style game and puzzle where in you have to direct the path of colored balls of fire with various switches to complete the puzzle/stage.

Dragon Fire features some really great graphics and sounds and putting that all together with a unique puzzle game offers fans of either the traffic controller or puzzle game genre a new game to get addicted to.


  • 26 Levels (6 in Demo)
  • Regular Mode – Complete a level before time runs out
  • Survival Mode – Play as long as you can
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Great graphics and sound.

To get used to the game, playing the first time on a lower speed definitely helps. There is only a short break between fireballs so you have to be quick on getting the switches turned. Turning the switches is done by tapping on them and you’ll know the direction the fireball will travel when passing through the switch by looking at the arrow on top of the switch.

While not meant to be a total traffic control style game, the same elements found in that genre are found in this game with the added twist of being a puzzle style game. You can go try the demo for free or pick up the full version for $2.99 off the Android market. Definitely refreshing to see more original quality games coming out for Android.

Developer Website: Second Gear Games

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