Dragonica will be coming to mobile this May as LINE Dragonica Mobile

Dragonica (also known as Dragon Saga in North America) is a side-scrolling MMORPG title that has been available on PC for a bit now, originally being released back in 2006. When after some time under the development sun, Asiasoft will be teaming up with LINE in order to bring Dragonica to mobile devices, both iOS and Android, this May under the new name LINE Dragonica Mobile.

LINE Dragonica Mobile will be the mobile version of the original game, just like the name suggests. Of course there will be a few changes to it, especially when it comes to the controls since this will be on mobile devices. In total there are six playable classes for players to choose from and content-wise players will see pretty much the PC game but on their mobile device. In other words LINE Dragonica Mobile will be a pretty close port of the PC version.

Screenshot from the PC version

Aside from running around completing quests and following the storyline, whether you do this solo or with friends, players will also have daily missions, quests, and real-time PVP available. There will also be character outfits so you can make your character look all fashionable.

There is one downfall to this news though and that is LINE Dragonica Mobile won’t be arriving in a worldwide capacity. When this free-to-play MMORPG does launch in May 2015 it will only be available for users in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. As for a worldwide release, that could eventually happen at some point.

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