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DRM is Coming to Android, Courtesy of Denuvo

Denuvo, who you might know best as the developer of PC DRM technology, has announced that it’s working on a new version of DRM for Android, known as Mobile Game Protection.

Mobile Game Protection reportedly “prevents hackers from debugging, reverse engineering and changing the game.” It doesn’t require the source code and can be simply added to the APK.

Mobile Game Protection is Easy to Implement For Developers

In other words, it doesn’t take much effort for developers to integrate Mobile Game Protection in their game.

Denuvo has stressed that the technology will have “minimal impact on user’s gameplay experience” – unless, of course, you’re one of the pirates.

However, it’s not just pirates who have to worry. PC gamers have claimed for years that the technology slows down load times and leads to frame rate dips. Time will tell whether it affects mobile games in the same manner.

We’ll keep you updated on this as the story progresses. What do you Droid Gamers think of the prospect of Mobile Game Protection?

Source: XDA Developers

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