Droid Gamers at GDC 2023: Day Two Diary

GDC 2023

Welcome to day two of Droid Gamer’s coverage of GDC 2023. We’re still here, and desperately trying to manage energy levels as we meet a wide variety of developers and publishers to check out the latest games. The show floor isn’t open yet, so we can’t prowl it for the latest titles, but we have got a stacked planner nonetheless.

You can check out our day one coverage, which we’ll continue to update over the course of the next few days. As we mentioned; we’re pretty stacked in terms of meetings, so don’t have a huge amount of time to dedicate to writing. However, we guarantee we will have them up by the end of the week.

In the meantime, Adele and Meriel remain back home, and are hard at work writing up the latest releases. Speaking of those, check out the best new Android games this week, which includes the Mighty Doom release.


We’ve actually written about this in a standalone story, but we caught up with Dolby at its HQ in San Francisco. You’ll know Dolby best from its work on Atmos and Vision – the latter of which arrived in gaming form back in 2021 on Xbox Series X/S.

The big news here is that Dolby Atmos has arrived in a mobile game for the very first time in PUBG Mobile. Check out the full story, linked above.


Shadow was at the show and actually had some exciting news for Android gamers. While the company is best known for its PC games streaming platform, its actually expanding into Android streaming with Genymobile.

Shadow’s PC service provides a fully-fledged desktop experience via the cloud, while Genymobile does the same thing for Android. Its use has primarily been limited to developers, but it’s qutie easy to see the application for mobile gamers.

For example, you could spin up a powerful Android platform that could run Genshin Impact at maximum settings. Or, you could create an absolute emulation machine. This could lower the entry for Android gamers on a tight budget, which is wonderful.


Smilegate joined us at GDC to discuss its upcoming releases. You probably known Smilegate best from its work on Epic Seven, but it has a rather exciting release due to follow soon.

Wonderers is that very game, and it’s a cross platform roguelike. You play as a variety of fairytale characters, including Alice, Robin, Gretel, and Snow, and head out into battle.

You work with other players to tackle challenging content, including the Glitch Dungeon. If it’s multiplayer you like, there’s Gold Clash, a 4v4 gold collecting challenge.

With a variety of minigames to complete and costumes to collect, Wonderers has plenty of content to keep you busy for some time.


Hot on the heels of the launch of Summoners War Chronicles, Com2uS joined us at GDC to talk about the recent launch.

Given that we’re only days away from Chronicles hitting the app stores, there wasn’t much else to talk about. However, we did get some lovely merch from the team. Thanks for that!

Tamarak Trail

Yarrow Games presents: Tamarak Trail. The game is a turn-based adventure game that features dice-based combat. Deploy a custom dice, select your character, and dominate your way through the roguelike deckbuilder.

The game’s aesthetic takes heavy inspiration from old weaponry and clothes, mixed in with a bunch of fantasy creatures. Only in Tamarak Trail will you come up against a giant bird dressed in humans clothes!

The game doesn’t have a confirmed release date at the moment, but it will be coming to all platforms, including Android. If you’re into turn based adventure games, then this might be one to keep an eye on!

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