DroidGamers Daily Deals: Android Game Development Bundle for 92% off

It is time for another DroidGamers Daily Deal and this time it is a full Android Game Development Bundle, so the entire bundle is focused on creating Android games, be it simple puzzle games or full high-end 3D titles across all genres. There is even a hands-on course where you will be making games as you learn how to code them.

While past development bundles focused on multiple platforms inducing Android, this one is solely focused on Android but a lot of it can be applied to other platforms. This is especially true with the Unity3D courses that are a part of this bundle. There is a lot of courses within this bundle. The Android Lollipop Development course in this bundle has 118+ lectures and 18+ hours of content by itself.

An example of another course and what it features is the Unity3D C# Game Development course. This one includes:

– 223+ lectures and 28+ hours of content
– Project-based courses where you will build games on your own
– Learn C#, a powerful programming language
– Gain an excellent general knowledge of game creation
– Get up to speed with Unity3D
– Learn how object-oriented programming works in practice
– Transfer your knowledge to .NET, other languages, and more

This bundle only has four days left before it returns to its regular price which is $662. Right now the entire bundle is available for $49 which is 92% off. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s deal as well as a new giveaway coming up later this week!

DroidGamers Deals: Android Game Development Bundle

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