DroidGamers Daily Deals: Unity3D Game Developer Course Bundle for 91% off

It’s time for another DroidGamers Deal and this time it is for another development bundle. This particular bundle is another Unity3D game development bundle that comes with seven different courses to work your way through, all of which is geared towards developing games for multiple platforms including mobile.

This particular deal is the same one that we featured back in the beginning of November for a couple of days. Well it is back for those of you who missed getting it back then, now is another chance to take advantage of this deal. This bundle goes over everything from making your FPS game with Unity3D and Playmaker, to a few different courses on making mobile games as well. In total there is over 40 hours on training and content to go through.

If you have purchased some of the other bundles in the past, combining those with this one will give you a lot of material to learn, not just with mobile game development but with game development as a whole. Usually all of this put together costs $573 but for the next 24 hours it will be on sale for 91% off, which means it will only cost $49 instead. You can check out more detailed information about each course within this bundle over at the bundle’s listing on our store.

DroidGamers Deals: Unity3D Game Development Bundle

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