DroidGamers Deal: Start learning to develop mobile games with this game development bundle

A lot of indie game developers have started to release their games on multiple platforms all at once, or shortly after one another. Part of the reason for this is because all of the markets for each platform, be it Android, iOS, PC, Browser-based, and even console, are much more accessible to smaller developers than they once used to be.

While learning to develop for a singular platform is a good way to start, if you want to expand into other platforms, you might need to learn those as well. So we have a new bundle up for anyone looking to learn to develop games for multiple platforms, including Android of course. Right now this bundle is 95% off its regular price. So instead of paying $989 for all the courses in this bundle, you’ll be paying $49.

In total there are 7 different courses with 30+ hours of training, ranging from developing HTML5-based mobile games to a beginner Unity3D game design course. Unity3D is actually a really good one to learn, because this engine has cross-platform support built right into it. As an example, here is what to expect with the Unity3D course in this bundle:

– Over 18 lectures and 3 hours of content
– Learn & understand the basics of the Unity3D game engine to create games for all major systems & mobile devices
– Create 3D game levels with geometry, textures, and lights
– Create advanced particles and effects
– Add first person or third person point of view to explore and play levels you create
– Publish games to the iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop
– Receive a certificate of completion

This deal is only available for today before the price goes back up to the regular $989 price tag. So if you want to take advantage of this deal, best not to wait too long, otherwise you might miss out. If you do miss this one, no worries, we will have another different deal tomorrow.

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