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Dumb Ways to Climb is a Challenging Mobile Platformer Out Now on Android

Bean jumping across different platforms in Dumb Ways to Climb.

If you love Dumb Ways to Die but have always lamented its lack of platforming challenges, developer PlaySide Studios has your back.

Its new game, Dumb Ways to Climb, has just launched on Android, and its full to the brim with them. So full, in fact, that platforming is all it really has to offer.

Dumb Ways to Climb is almost refreshing in its simplicity, with really very little on offer in terms of gameplay outside of jumping on stuff.

What’s Dumb Ways to Climb?

We’d describe Dumb Ways to Climb as a vertical platformer. You play as Bean, hero of the Dumb Ways to Die series, and have to beat a series of increasingly challenging platforming sequences.

You hop between various different objects, many of which appear to be household goods. These include groceries, a kettle, and a pool table. Because everyone has a pol table lying around the house, eh?

Is There An Objective?

The objective is to climb until you fall to your death, which, in itself, is a pretty dumb way to die. If you do perish, you can just start all over again and take on different platforming challenges.

That’s pretty much all the game is. Judging by the Google Play description, it’s a deliberately simple experience that was developed in a week.

How do I Get It?

If you’d like to check out Dumb Ways to Climb, you can grab it from Google Play for free. We’re not sure if there are any microtransactions that will ruin the experience.

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