Dumb Ways To Die 4 Is Out And Its Characters Are No Smarter

Feature image for our Dumb Ways To Die 4 news piece. It shows a blue character who is on fire, stood next to screens of various mini-games.

The Dumb Ways To Die 4 release has hit Google Play, and now there are even more really bad ideas put into practice for you to try and figure out an escape from.

Dumb Ways To Die 4 is a collection of mini-games, here you find lots of little colorful bean-people who have put themselves in extremely dangerous situations. Now it’s your job to try and get them out of the potentially-lethal jams they’re in.

Cacti, Crocs, Critical Mistakes With Explosives

You’ll be jumping over cacti, trying to avoid sea mines, playing with a bat and some explosives, and giving a crocodile amateur dental help.

The mini-games come thick and fast and you won’t have long to fix the problem. Complete the task and you go on to the next one and up your score, fail and you lose a life.

Keep succeeding at the games to go as far as you can and rack up a ton of coins.

Or you could of course fail on purpose and watch with grim fascination as your little character wipes out in dark and comedic ways. We’re not going to judge.

It’s all delivered with the kind of slick, cute, and funny visuals that we’ve come to know from the series. Even when things get grim, it never falters in its light-hearted tone. The Dumb Ways To Die 4 release is a win for the kind of humor that leaves you certain you’re going to hell.

A PSA With A Life Of Its Own

Dumb Ways To Die started life as a public safety campaign from Metro Trains of Melbourne, Australia promoting safety around tracks, but the catchy song, morbid humor, and adorable little characters with a death wish catapulted it into viral stardom.

Now, as well as trying to convince you not to skip around the barrier at a level crossing, the little bean guys with poor judgment star in their own games too.

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