Dungeon and Goddess is a Brand New Gacha RPG That Challenges You to Become a God

We bet you were just sitting there thinking to yourself “man, it’s been a while since I saw a new gacha RPG.” Well, have we got good news for you: Dungeon and Goddess has just launched.

As ever, you’ll recruit a team of heroes then send them into battle against monsters, including, in this instance, powerful Fallen Angels. Beat them and you’ll grow in power in numerous ways.

Dungeon and Goddess is a Pretty Standard Gacha RPG Out Now

When you feel you’ve grown to sufficient power, you can take on tougher boss raids against the most powerful monsters Dungeon and Goddess has to offer.

Overall, Dungeon and Goddess sounds very familiar. If you’ve played a gacha RPG before, you’ll know what to expect. At the very least, it’s something new, eh?

So head on over to Google Play and grab Dungeon and Goddess right now.

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