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Dungeon Defense is now on Sale

Being the hero and clearing out multiple dungeons is something you can do on almost any RPG. But, defending your dungeon from an onslaught of heroes is much more entertaining.

Dungeon Defense – Time to be the Bad Guy

Dungeon Defense takes place in a world where heroes are running riot, clearing out every dungeon on earth, except one. It’s up to you to defend the very last dungeon from all the glory-hunting heroes from across the globe.

Gameplay is best described as a tower defence type of game. Where you face waves of enemies, in this situation the enemies are heroes, and you have to protect your dungeon. Failing to protect your dungeon will make you fail the level, so you will need to find new weapons and monsters to help you out.

If you are interested in a brilliant tower defence game that is free for a limited time, then try out Dungeon Defense.

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