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Update: False Alarm! Durango has rolled out in more territories, but still not available across the globe


Update: False alarm, folks! Durango is still not available in all territories but it did roll out in more of them this week. The full global release looks like it’s still set for next week.

It’s been a seriously long time coming but Monster Hunter meets Minecraft has finally arrived in the form of Durango.

This is a brand new survival MMO in which you have to forge a life in a world full of deadly dinosaurs.

Durango: Wild Lands has been a long time coming

You’ll scavenge for resources, craft equipment, and, eventually, build your own camp in your bid for survival.

An awesome feature is the ability to tame dinosaurs so they can fight for you. You can even ride them into battle.

But who are you fighting, if not dinosaurs? Well, you’ll battle enemy clans in a variety of PvP modes.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab this awesome MMO.

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