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Dvide Arts has two titles coming over to Android from the iPhone, both of which present great 3D graphics and gameplay. For all you FPS lovers out there, Welcome to Hell is for you. RPG is in your blood? Crusade of Destiny will feed that craving to get that next level for your character.

Dvide Arts has been making iPhone games and has decided to take the leap to Android with those two titles and those two games are probably the best choice to bring to Android that they could have made, especially since 3D gaming is starting to take off more and more.

Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Hell is a FPS (First Person Shooter) Zombie killing game where you have to survive waves after wave of Zombies wanting your brains. The graphics look great as does the gameplay from the demo reel which I’ve included below. With all the good FPS ports being taken off the Android market such as Quake and DOOM series, there is a serious lack of blood splattering monster killing FPS games available for us Android users so this could be more perfect at this stage of the game.

This game has a lot to offer including multiple weapons to unlock, hig quality sound effects and original soundtrack with 3D sound positioning so when something is about to get you from behind or to the right, you’ll know it. Expect to see this arrive on the market around the end of March!

Crusade of Destiny

Crusade of Destiny is a huge full scale 3D RPG that looks great as well. The UI is very W.O.W.-ish so if you’ve played World of Warcraft or any RPG game with a similar UI then you’ll be able to jump right into this game. Some features include:

– 3 skill classes to train in: Warrior, Mage or Archer with some abilities only available in the high end of the skill tree.

– Over 40 hours of gameplay with a whole lot of replay value.

– Ride horses, go fishing, 360 degree swimming

– 3D sound positioning, original soundtrack and high quality sound effects

– 3D special effects

– In-game cycles of night and day on a readable 24 hour based time system. Some events based on night and day. Multiple lands and caverns to explore with many secrets to uncover.

– Detailed side quests.

– Single target and area effect skills available for both melee and magic lines.

– 3 game slots to save multiple player’s adventures.

– Large variety of mystical creatures: Goblins, Golems, Fairies, …too many to name here.

and much more.

As with FPS games there has been a serious lack of any sort of RPG game with only a few 2D RPGs, some of which have already fizzled and died (remember Dungeon Quest?) and a couple text based RPGs like NetHak. For 3D RPGS there’s only really one other one which is currently in beta which is Runes. Crusade of Destiny is still in the works for Android and I couldn’t find any time line of a possible beta/release date but who wants to rush a detailed games like this?

If I get my hands on a beta copy of either Welcome to Hell or Crusade of Destiny I’ll be sure to put a whole lot more on this, until then here’s the demo reel for Crusade of Destiny and some screen shots.

You can read even more details about both games on the Welcome to Hell or Crusade of Destiny websites.

Sources: Dvide Arts via Android and Me

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