Dynamic Pixels release Goal Defense, a different type of tower defense

Dynamic Pixels have just released their latest game onto the Google Play store. If you’re fan of tower defense gaming, this as a somewhat different type of tower defense game. Goal Defense is a tower defense game set up in a football field, and just as you guessed the towers are sport players. Time to do some workout.

In Goal Defense, your task is to prevent the red team brutes from getting all the way across the field and into the Golden Bowl. To do that, you must strategically place your players (Blue team rules!) to hit or slow down the reds. Something to note out of the game is that as soon as they find a better way to get through the field (which happens to have lots of different spawning and tower placing places) they’ll stick to it, so you must make your moves according to that.

Goal Defense Features:

– 40 challenging levels of tactics, skill and speed
– Hilarious characters, animated in the spirit of old-school comic books
– Earn ‘use and confuse’ bonuses
– Outwit your enemies’ empty skulls
– Stunningly detailed and artistic scenery
– Check for updates – more features to follow

The game uses old-school cartoon visuals, as well as a nice cartoon intro and in-game sounds. Unfortunately other than the main screen music theme it’ll be hard to find some tunes joining the match. Other than that there’s plenty of nice graphic effects that are usual in this type of games.

With a weird looking but very epic trailer located below, you can find Goal Defense for free, aided with In-App Purchases that aren’t mandatory at all. A small twist on the classic gameplay found in tower defense games.

Developer Website: Dynamic Pixel

Google Play Link: Goal Defense

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