E3 2012: Sony graces the HTC One series as Playstation certified, changes name of Playstation Suite as well

Sony has dropped a couple of nuggets onto the world of mobile gaming today, specifically with regards to Android of course. First off, a quick note that Sony has changed the name of the Playstation Suite to Playstation Mobile. A small but suitable change but the second bit of news is more substantial.

Following the renaming of the Playstation Suite to Playstation Mobile is the news that HTC will be the first hardware company outside of Sony to receive the Playstation certification. This certification will apply specifically to the HTC One line of devices (HTC One X, HTC One S, HTC One V).

This now means that these phones should be receiving, at some point in the near future, the Playstation Mobile application where owners can download and play Playstation games as well as games made using the Playstation Mobile SDK.

This isn’t the only news that will be coming from Sony during E3 as rumors are all over the place that they will be making a deal with either OnLive or Gaikai over game stream via the cloud. We are keeping a look out for further development on that front as well.

Source: PR NewsWire (not linked due to PR NewsWire site issues)

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