EA releases Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight through their own store

EA has finally released a member of the Command & Conquer series of games onto the mobile platform for Android. Currently this is only available through their own EA Mobile storefront through your carrier, if you have the shortcut to the EA Store installed on your phone. In my case it is available for me on my LG G2X on T-Mobile.

You will be in charge of a mobile base called The Crawler with which you will establish an outpost in various locations, build up troops and launch assaults on your enemies. You can choose to either go defensive with your Crawler and defend it with turrets and troops or go offensive and select from a variety of offensive units to go after your enemies with.

Command & Conquer 4 Features:

– Command your mobile base — The Crawler — a moveable fortress with all the functions of a command center
– Choose to play defensive and build turrets around your Defensive Crawler. Or step into the battle and destroy your enemy with the help of the Offensive Crawler
– Researchable active and passive abilities make each unit a master in its class on the battlefield
– Enter the commandment mode to think through your steps and plan how you solve challenging situations
– Evolve your battle strength and deploy Super Weapons. Call for massive destruction with the Ion Cannon or call for help and get the Orca Strike
– Play through two campaigns with two fate-changing finals. Choose the path of the GDI or ally with the Brotherhood of Nod — It’s up to you!

Graphically the game has a more retro feel to it which certainly isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t impede on the gameplay at all. Just like any other Command & Conquer game, you will have the ability to research upgrades and new tech to improve your units with or build new ones to try and get the upper hand on your enemies. It’s pretty much all you could want in an RTS for your mobile device although a little more eye candy would be nice.

If you go to the EA Mobile site it might appear as “Coming Soon” depending on what device you look it up as. However, if you have a shortcut to the EA Mobile site installed on your device (as it does with the G2X from T-mobile), you should be able to access and purchase the game. You can also check but inputting your number in the smartphone category on the EA Mobile site. Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight is available for $5.99 if you have a device compatible with it.

No word yet on whether this will make it to the Android Market at some point. I will say I’m not sure how many people will jump on this game as $5.99 is a bit high for what looks like a Java port.

Developer Website: EA Mobile

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